Making Pizza At Home

Making pizza at home is easier than you think! The key to good pizza is quality ingredients and a few important tools needed to create that perfect pizza for friends and family. We have listed out a few tools below. Your local restaurant supply store is a great option for these as well.

The Recipe

Pizza Pans

We typically make our pizzas 12″ and, depending on how thick you like your pizza, can be anywhere from 260-310 grams of dough. You can use whatever size pan you want, but adjust the dough ball size accordingly.

Proofing Trays

You can ferment and proof your dough in any container you have at home that has a lid. We ferment our dough in a Cambro style container and then ball and proof in a proofing box.

Food Scale

Yes, you need a food scale. Any good recipe will direct you to measure ingredients in grams and not cups. Here is a good one.

Pizza Stones and Steels

Pizza stones or steels are also crucial for making pizza at home. Don’t skip on this important tool!

The Sauce

We ONLY use Jersey Fresh or Bianco DiNapoli Organic Crushed Tomatoes. Jersey Fresh is only available on the east coast, but you can order it on Amazon. You can find Bianco DiNapoli locally at Whole Foods on the west coast.

Other Tools

You will need a Wooden Peel if you plan to launch the pizza directly on the stone. If you use a pizza pan like those above, you can use an Aluminum Pizza Peel to turn and remove the pizza from the oven.